Retribution: Regret, Revenge and Redemption in the Heartland (A H…

When young Danny Johnson discovers a horrific secret next door, he wants only to right the terrible wrong. But who would believe the revered Pentecostal preacher could be doing such a thing to his granddaughter, and why can’t little Tammy Marks understand she wasn’t born to turn good men bad? The teens eventually forge a bond that helps them accomplish a perfect murder but set down separate paths that bring other flawed souls to justice. A decade later, the friends reunite in what appears to be their friendly, one-stoplight town. But one thin layer down, the rural community is a hotbed of intrigue and unforgivable acts that seem to be outside the reach of local law enforcement. She’s a preacher’s daughter desperate to exorcise unspeakable childhood memories but certain she was marked at birth to descend to the pits of Hell. He’s a retired Special Forces assassin whose credo tends to lean in the “eye for an eye” Scriptural direction rather than “turn the other cheek.” Together they’re healing the Heartland … if not each other.

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