Glory over Everything

The latest New York Moments bestseller from the author of the beloved reserve club most loved The Kitchen Home is a heart racing tale about a man’s treacherous journey by means of the twists and turns of the Underground Railroad on a mission to preserve the boy he swore to defend. Glory More than Every thing is “gripping…breathless until the end” (Kirkus Reviews).

The 12 months is 1830 and Jamie Pyke, a celebrated silversmith and notorious ladies’ male, is retaining a deadly key. Passing as a wealthy white aristocrat in Philadelphian culture, Jamie is now dwelling a lifestyle he could hardly ever have imagined many years right before when he was a runaway slave, son of a southern black slave and her learn. But Jamie’s very carefully manufactured globe is threatened when he discovers that his married socialite lover, Caroline, is expecting and his beloved servant Pan, to whose father Jamie owes his have independence, has been captured and marketed into slavery in the South.

Fleeing the implications of his deceptions, Jamie embarks on a excursion to a North Carolina plantation to preserve Pan from the lifestyle he himself barely escaped as a boy. With the help of a fearless slave, Sukey, who has taken the terrified youthful boy beneath her wing, Jamie navigates their way, racing against time and their ruthless pursuers by means of the Virginia backwoods, the Underground Railroad, and the treacherous Fantastic Dismal Swamp.

“Kathleen Grissom is a 1st-fee storyteller…she observes with an unwavering but sort eye, and she bestows on the reader, amid terrible strategies and sin, a gift of mercy: the perception that hope can triumph about hell” (Richmond Moments Dispatch). Glory More than Every thing is an emotionally worthwhile and epic novel “filled with romance, villains, violence, braveness, compassion…and suspense.” (Florida Courier).

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